Preparing the Ground

This is the first attempt at getting something up and running for our allotment, complete with terrible punning and some pictures so it appears more dynamic than it actually is! This initial blurb is intended as a basic intro to people interested in taking on a plot with us rather than existing members. It is as much a proof of concept for the Committee so we can try and expand our public profile and interest YOU in our site.


As the site opens out from the Queenswood Road entrance

There are two ways onto site by car: either from Queenswood Road or under the bridge at Headingley Railway Station, following the path round to the right. The gates are padlocked: once you’ve been approved by the Committee we’ll let you know the code and you can get started.

Currently about half our plots are occupied, and we are always interested in new members. Uncertainty over the pricing of allotments has meant fewer renewals in the past few years, and people obviously lead busy lives. Our turnover can be pretty high. Unattended plots mean high grass and persistent root weeds. Once you have cut the grass down you might still be left with something pictured below.


The beginnings of a plot marked out with wooden stakes

A plot can be full, half or a quarter size. To get an idea of what this means it is best to arrange a visit and someone will show you around. Contact details and suggested times can be published later once Committee Members have viewed this WordPress and passed on comments/shared any ideas. The growing season is coming to a close and we’re not in any rush. Please be patient. Details are probably listed elsewhere – try the Leeds City Council website or even take a stroll down the ginnel between us and the neighbouring site. A number is provided on the bulletin board.


Noticeboard for important info and useful photo for a blog banner

Noone would make outlandish claims to be an expert. The allotments are a hobby, as with this blog/site. What we would like to do is make the place feel inclusive, and to do our best. We’re not in competition with anyone (unless we put ourselves forward). There are as many failures as successes, so don’t let any uncertainty hold you back.


We have made a number of attempts to improve the site in recent years. The Committee successfully applied for a grant to buy a shipping container. You’ll see this if you come on site at the Queenswood Road end. It is used to stored equipment bought and maintained by us as a Association. We try and organise monthly Working Parties between spring and autumn. These can have a touch of the ‘usual suspects’ about them – so if you can spare some time when they are advertised we would be very grateful.



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