Jobs for this Month

The National Allotment Society has some great advice for Jobs to be getting on with. As well as Harvesting we can be getting on with planting too. Remember: if anyone has any surplus seeds to drop them in our Superbly-Signed Sharing Shed at the top of the site.


Sounds like the best crops to be going at have an Oriental theme. For some inspiration take a look at this BBC Good Food Guide which has recipes that can put what you sow to good use.

If you are in the process of clearing your plot and want to spread some fresh manure why not connect with other plot-holders via our Facebook page and spread not only some well digested fertiliser but the cost too.

The website will be digging their plot over after a relatively fallow year. If you are just getting started and want to know more you could check out this site which has videos to go with their concise advise.

Pests are a year round thing. Most prominent at the moment should be wasps (I can attest to that). While a sting isn’t nice they’re also after the aphids and caterpillars hiding the other side of that perfect looking Apple.

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