Notices (September 2016)


A quick summary of the latest notices. Most are visible on our fantastic noticeboards near the two entrances to the site:


Most plot-holders will have received their Invoice for Allotment Rent. We try and encourage each plot to be clearly labelled so if, like me, you aren’t always sure what yours is called then your notice is a good reminder.

Prices for a full plot 2016/17 are £72. Rent must be paid by 7th/9th November. If you are unable to pay by this time then you can email or


We have one more advertised Working Party on Saturday 1st October at 2pm. The meet-ups over the summer have been a success and it would be nice to carry this on into the cooler months.


Examples of work done so far include sign painting, clearing paths and overgrown pockets of the site. When appropriate for the wildlife the hedges are trimmed back. If you want to get in touch with those you meet at these events plus follow the work already done, we have set up a Facebook Group Check us out sometime and give us a Like


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